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Use if this site
by None over 44 months ago
I get it sir.  I'm working on a solution that fits both worlds.  It will be some time I'm afraid.  Thanks for being faithful. Pau ...
by falcon over 42 months ago

Prop repairs
by highwater sooner over 48 months ago
Professional Propeller Service - Bryan Marshall - 918-946-4834 or 918-399-2901 He does really good work and is very reasonable.
by rottie over 48 months ago

Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge
Need Tips
by tyson over 50 months ago
Going to Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge first weekend of April!  I sure would appreciate any  any tips on which lake to fish. ...
by tyson over 50 months ago

Fishing in Ketchikan
by teamjack over 51 months ago
I have fished Ketchikan a half dozen times, and plan to again this coming May. I've caught several halibut, silver salmon, pink sa ...
by Ol Slick over 51 months ago

1981 Johnson 115hp Outboard
by Slipknot over 56 months ago
Getting close to buying a 1981 Ranger with the 114 Johnson motor.  Are they a good solid engine? Any experience shared is appreci ...
by Slipknot over 56 months ago

Any recommendations on boat insurance?
Liberty mutual has been great for Home and Auto
by StriperEd over 57 months ago
I use State Farm - very cheap in my opinion   $140, $143 and $210 for the boats I insure.   Bass boats and Ski boat. Sand Spring ...
by fishdude over 57 months ago

boat advice
by JT over 57 months ago
I've owned several Seaarks - good solid boats - work well in lakes or rivers I imagine same could be said of Excel - light towing, ...
by Tony_Hughes over 57 months ago

Map Card
by OKWillie over 58 months ago
Thank you for the infro, good job on making your own map. I have the build in insight map on my unit, so I got by okay.
by OKWillie over 58 months ago

What size live shad for saugeye?
by sprinter over 58 months ago
Thanks Tony, I had no idea saugeye were that aggressive. We have some decent size walleye in Cheney and Eldorado. I plan on trying ...
by sprinter over 58 months ago

shad help near Stillwater
by catfish hunter over 61 months ago
There's shad in Boomer bigger than those cats! That lake is full of huge shad and baby crappie.
by TallManDan over 60 months ago

Gen 2 HDS 8
No Contours for Ouachita
by chiefangler over 61 months ago
Now a boat is a small place to share with an attitude on board!!
by chiefangler over 61 months ago

Striper food
Frozen anchovies
by Jeremy over 62 months ago
I've actually fished the Aquaduct in California when I lived there. San Fran bay. Blythe California. Colorado River.Lake mead Neva ...
by Jeremy over 62 months ago

Lower Illinois Striper?
Is it better to go when the water is running or not this time of year?
by RPW over 63 months ago
I think they're bunched too close together to be blues. Maybe carp?
by Trackerman over 63 months ago

Elite 7 setup
by S. Rod over 64 months ago
Will do.  Thank you sir.
by S. Rod over 63 months ago

help to choose the fish line
by philip over 65 months ago
I like 6lb power pro.  Thin and you can feel light bites.  Just don't yank it too hard, it will jerk right out of their mouth.
by S. Rod over 64 months ago

Another lowrance elite hdi question
by Trackerman over 64 months ago
Thanks for the info, but I already took it back and swapped it for a navionics chip.... The navionics will load, but it seems like ...
by Trackerman over 64 months ago

Reel Cleaning
by teamjack over 64 months ago
I am looking to get two Shimano baitcasters cleaned. Does anybody on here do it anymore?  If not can somebody recommend somone in ...
by teamjack over 64 months ago

Reducing pics without reducing text size?
by Beagler over 68 months ago
Check your FNB e-mail.
by falcon over 68 months ago

Shad question
by JT over 68 months ago
I caught shad at Keystone's Washington Irving cove Sat morning. All I could find were either real small (2") -or- huge (6"). Went ...
by TallManDan over 68 months ago

Xi5 problem
Door pedal won't sync with motor
by JT over 69 months ago
I tried all of that with mine as well. Try turning the foot pedal off and on by push and holding the anchor button. If you don't g ...
by CliffL over 69 months ago

New guy - first post
post testing
by Clark K over 70 months ago
by BassSER over 70 months ago

Hybrid fishing
How close is to close?
by JT over 71 months ago
On Wednesday May 28, 2014 at 5:32 PM hunter_fish said ... Cash was this on the lake I fished with you and Tony? If so, that is ba ...
by Cash460 over 71 months ago

Three Forks Area @Muskogee
by chiefangler over 71 months ago
Does anyone on this forum fish for stripers in the Three Forks area often. I would think it would be a good area to fish in the de ...
by chiefangler over 71 months ago

Lowrance HDS 8
Screen fading out during day.
by chiefangler over 73 months ago
Two OSBA meetings ago, one of the members talked about how he had a bad HDS problem (that might have been related to moisture). Wh ...
by TallManDan over 73 months ago

boat trailer repair
by bigjon over 74 months ago
Big Jon I would for sure. I ended up taking mine to Robertson tire. They used a 6ft cheater bar to break them loose. The ones that ...
by Dave Clark over 74 months ago

lower Mt Fork river
tips &techniques
by "H" over 74 months ago
Hope this isn't too late....I've fished from the dam to a mile or 2 below Presbetyrian falls, and we had good luck catching smalli ...
by DoubleDeltaOK over 74 months ago

Hybrids in Late March and Early April
by TMJ over 74 months ago
Yes some will move up rivers with sandbass - and usually just a tad earlier - I have caught hybrids from Skiatook waaay up Hominy ...
by Tony_Hughes over 74 months ago

Old Forum
Where, O Where
by Fishin over 74 months ago
I was just looking for some old fishing reports I posted and didn't find anything before March of last year.
by Fishin over 74 months ago

Mazie's Ramp
by Pops over 74 months ago
Great! I appreciate the heads up! Dave do you think there is any shad around Mazie's? I was thinking about throwing out a few jugs ...
by Pops over 74 months ago

Luckys Lures
by Smitty81rc over 74 months ago
Try contacting Dan on here.  He makes some pretty good slabs.
by c dubya over 74 months ago

perch and bream
by sapulpa kayaker over 74 months ago
Once the temp warms up, Pretty Water, northwest of Sapulpa, is fairly good.  Depending on the age of your boys, you might just nee ...
by AllenOK over 74 months ago

????striper techniques for lower Illinois???
family fishing trip need help
by Holcomb over 74 months ago
From the RR bridge to the opening. Semper Fi    C 1/5
by Dave Clark over 74 months ago

2002 Merc 115 hp wont start
by fishdude over 75 months ago
Nice to hear ya got it going! Especially with an inexpensive fix!
by StriperEd over 74 months ago

Ocean Fishing Near Orlando in July
What should we target, who should we go with?
by DoubleDeltaOK over 75 months ago
I fished a day on mosquito lagoon, didn't see a single mosquito but site casted to a bunch of redfish & trout
by dgeddings over 75 months ago

Need a Prop Shop
by mattwheaton over 75 months ago
Thanks guys.
by mattwheaton over 75 months ago

Tulsa area fishing
by badgerbacker over 76 months ago
Hello, I will be in Tulsa the middle of February for my brothers wedding and want to do some fishing.  I joined the board to do a ...
by badgerbacker over 76 months ago

Boat Parts
It's repair time.
by Fishin over 76 months ago
I sold my 74' 70hp Johnson last summer. I did keep the service manual for it. If you need to use it let me know.
by Cash460 over 76 months ago

Red Neck Side imaging
Just Thinkin'
by Fishin over 78 months ago
I haven't had time or the inclination to play with the angle of a submerged transducer in the present water temps.  May look at it ...
by Fishin over 76 months ago

Table Rock Guide
by Pops over 77 months ago
Thanks Steve! Sent him an email this morning.
by Pops over 77 months ago

Fiberglass boat issue
Will it float? Will it sink?
by Fishin over 77 months ago
Slick, that is not my boat in the pic.  I am too embarrassed to show the real thing. LOL! If that gel coat fixit cost more that $ ...
by Fishin over 77 months ago

Ahi Castnets
Are they any good
by bigjon over 77 months ago
Thanks for the input.  I could probably get by with a 5 footer as long as I can get one with 1/4 in mesh.  I want it for ghost min ...
by bigjon over 77 months ago

need a little help
by joeystilley over 77 months ago
I am going to be going to Sooner lake on Saturday braving the cold.  just need a little help on where to catch some shad.  Keyston ...
by joeystilley over 77 months ago

Its cold, lets go fishing
Would there be any catching at the Sooner discharge?
by OKWillie over 78 months ago
Maybe one of
by OL FAT BOY over 77 months ago

Hybrid rod and reel suggestions?
by Trackerman over 78 months ago
That setup would work well with 2 oz.
by okiefishman over 78 months ago

Sooner Topo map?
by sprinter over 78 months ago
Did they not allow fishing on the cold water side when that map came out?
by BassSER over 78 months ago

Ouachita River, above Lake Ouachita?
Anybody floated/fished the Ouachita River in Arkansas above Lake Ouachita?
by DoubleDeltaOK over 79 months ago
Somewhere in my library I have a book called Missouri Ozark Waterways by Oz Hawksley that is a great guide.  It has a lot of info ...
by Fishin over 78 months ago

Cedar Lake Cats
Anyone have any advice for the channel cats on Cedar Lake?
by DoubleDeltaOK over 78 months ago
Never been there, but if it has a good channel population and if the weather produces some rain as expected just right out from th ...
by Fishin over 78 months ago

Backward Running Starter
A new one on me
by Fishin over 79 months ago
OK, I have done some more reading and am convinced that I didn't see what I saw.  In fact, I read that most marine starters are wi ...
by Fishin over 79 months ago

Lake Eufaula Suggestions
Camping and Fishing
by Blaine over 79 months ago
Looking for a little help.  The family is going to Lake Eufaula next weekend.  Gonna drag the boat and take the camper.  We are lo ...
by Blaine over 79 months ago

Power Inverter
Power inverter wattage
by chiefangler over 79 months ago
I don't think you can hurt any model you buy. One of the cheapest converters I tested, worked really good. All the models I tested ...
by TallManDan over 79 months ago

Sahoma Lake
by rjfren over 80 months ago
Ended up going to a movie with him instead.  We'll do it another day.  Thanks for the replies Papa.  Bob
by rjfren over 79 months ago

Walk Behind String Trimmer ???
by WormN over 80 months ago
Yep it is actually green out here..Fishdud-ett.. I have some vines and other crap growing under trees that I need to butcher..
by WormN over 79 months ago

Hunting Boots
On the search!
by Fishin over 80 months ago
Thanks for the replies.  I use to wear a duck boot style and get by with it, but was not a fan of walking in them much.  I plan on ...
by Fishin over 79 months ago

by Trackerman over 80 months ago
I'd like to know too. I've been thinking about buying one for a while now. The filtration is my concern as well.
by Cash460 over 80 months ago

Does an HDS Gen 1 slow down a Gen 2 setup?
by TallManDan over 80 months ago
Check out the new "Insight Genesis" product on the Lowrance website. That is exactly the scenario that it was created to address.
by okiefishman over 80 months ago

GPS Coordinates
How many places do you need carry past the decimal point.
by chiefangler over 80 months ago
It's been too long for me to remember how the Map Create product works. I would load them right in to the HDS. Skip the SD Card st ...
by okiefishman over 80 months ago

Transducer Mounting on Pontoon
by Cash460 over 81 months ago
I would find a way to move it from behind the pontoon, rather than moving it deeper in the water.
by Senkoboy over 80 months ago

Broken Bow - Where to Fish
Guys Trip to Broken Bow this weekend - where to fish?
by DoubleDeltaOK over 80 months ago
I haven't fished the lake in a few years and not in the end of summer at all but if I were going to be paddling around fishing pro ...
by chiefangler over 80 months ago

Vaccuum Sealers
good bad worthless
by kingdom over 80 months ago
I've been looking at something like this. ...
by okoutdrsman over 80 months ago

Pond Stocking
Services Asked for
by Fishin over 81 months ago
Might see what the state has to offer. http//
by okoutdrsman over 81 months ago

by Beagler over 81 months ago
If anyone has a solution, I'd be curious, too. Once a grasshopper reaches adult stage, their exoskeleton is so tough, very few sp ...
by okoutdrsman over 81 months ago

New Manford Ramp
Heroes on the Water.
by sapulpa kayaker over 81 months ago
I heard a story about Danny William and a hammer head shark recently. I would guess that he doesn't take his Kayak to the sea, ...
by TallManDan over 81 months ago

Shad that die with red splotches
by TallManDan over 82 months ago
AllenOK - interesting idea.... I might retry it. I've been doing some research. Didn't know I needed a degree in chemistry to make ...
by TallManDan over 81 months ago

Have motor will travel
Looking at boat options
by Fishin over 81 months ago
Try to get a hold of "Beans".
by okiefishman over 81 months ago

by Pops over 81 months ago
Does anyone know where one might pick up some big shiners in the OKC area? Another question, if you had a bait tank full of shiner ...
by Pops over 81 months ago

Boomer Shad
by TMJ over 82 months ago
I managed to catch some extremely large shad but had trouble with numbers.  I caught tons of crappie but every time I thought I sa ...
by TMJ over 81 months ago

Hydraulic steering
by Smitty81rc over 82 months ago
Just would like to say thank you guys for your help.  Did exactly like you said and this fixed my issue.
by Smitty81rc over 81 months ago

Oologah Hybrid Fishing
by TMJ over 81 months ago
I've found them in the lake and above the lake, but it was by accident while fishing for sandies, and I've not caught any that amo ...
by Ol Slick over 81 months ago

I want to try out Power Pro.
by JustFishing82 over 82 months ago
Trying out Seaguar Senshi in 8# in the m
by JustFishing82 over 82 months ago

jet conversions
by Micneador over 82 months ago
Not the same - jet skis are inline jets,
by Tony_Hughes over 82 months ago

by TMJ over 82 months ago
Any sci-fi nut (like myself) should be f
by AllenOK over 82 months ago

Greers Ferry Lake, Arkansas
by gruberguy over 82 months ago
World record brown trout came from L
by Lurker over 82 months ago

Jack plate
by Yukon Mike over 82 months ago
Looks like I have some home work. I appr
by Yukon Mike over 82 months ago

San Diego Bound
by DoubleDeltaOK over 82 months ago
Thanks CalOkie for the intel. Hopefully
by DoubleDeltaOK over 82 months ago

Catching Shad
by TMJ over 82 months ago
TMJ - I was wrong. There's allot of nice
by TallManDan over 82 months ago

Baittank questions
by Cash460 over 82 months ago
Interesting link on numerous bait tank p
by TallManDan over 82 months ago

Bait tank mounting
by Pokinaround over 82 months ago
Thanks guys. Dave that was what I was
by Pokinaround over 82 months ago

Abu reel ages?
by Fun Fish over 82 months ago
Thank you, Tony.
by Fun Fish over 82 months ago

Trailer lights and a net question
by Fishin over 82 months ago
2001- GMC Appears to have come factory
by Fishin over 82 months ago

Bank fishing strategies
by rjfren over 82 months ago
I would suggest fishing below one of the
by Ol Slick over 82 months ago

What brand of castnet are you throwing?
by sprinter over 82 months ago
3/8" mesh. I wouldnt mind getting a 1/4
by crosswinds over 82 months ago

Sooner Walk in?
by JustFishing82 over 82 months ago
Talked with one of the security guards l
by head4fish over 82 months ago

Carl Blackwell
by SaugeyeGuy over 83 months ago
I think I could talk all day about what
by JWBROWN over 82 months ago

Removing black streaks on a boat
by Beagler over 82 months ago
Mr Clean eraser- that's good stuff on bo
by Tony_Hughes over 82 months ago

by duke over 83 months ago
I did get the voltage a couple of times
by duke over 83 months ago

Fishing Lights
by Fishin over 83 months ago
I have a 48" green L.E.D light. It is a
by SaugeyeGuy over 83 months ago

Rollie pollies
by Dave Clark over 83 months ago
I should send my granddaughter over. Sh
by cbhopper28 over 83 months ago

Fort Cobb
by Agitated88 over 83 months ago
Ok... next question...deep/shallow? Dece
by Agitated88 over 83 months ago

Starboard for Transducer Mounting
by Blaine over 84 months ago
That's a great idea. I don't know of an
by Blaine over 84 months ago

Trolling motor direction indicator
by wildbill4fun over 84 months ago
Well thanks to everyone for your help an
by wildbill4fun over 84 months ago

spot in carl blackwell is suggested for fishing?
by foling over 84 months ago
Hi all, I went there today but I didn't
by foling over 84 months ago

Beagle training question
by Fishin over 84 months ago
Well...I'd say that's pretty good start!
by Beagler over 84 months ago

Strip Pits?
by redneckfisher over 84 months ago
Most all are on private property. Many h
by Ol Slick over 84 months ago

Rod Repair
by SMCEVER over 84 months ago
Sorry. I just saw this one. Call Jeff
by BassSER over 84 months ago

Older HDS 5 Structure Scan?
by Blaine over 84 months ago
quote: Originally posted by okiefishman New LSS-1's are not available. They can run multiple units ...
by Blaine over 84 months ago

Bait Tank
by Blaine over 85 months ago
cabelas or bass p used to sell a round s
by letsG.O.fishin over 84 months ago

Para Knife
by CalOkie over 84 months ago
I have carried a kershaw blackout for ye
by c dubya over 84 months ago

Owls and cars?
by Fishin over 85 months ago
Now Tony that make perfect sense.[:D] I
by Fishin over 85 months ago

Bay St Louis Mississippi
by Smitty81rc over 85 months ago
I lived in Biloxi for 6 years back in th
by falcon over 85 months ago

Chicken liverS
by JustFishing82 over 85 months ago
You can toughen them up by spreading the
by bagster over 85 months ago
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