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Trout Stocking On The Lower Illinois
by HybridNinjaAssassin over 55 months ago
I found this on their website. http://www.wildlifedepartment.com/fishing/trout_stock_schedule.htm ?
by R.W. over 54 months ago

White Bass or White Perch
by Tom Henley over 57 months ago
If someone's fishing Sooner, Kaw, Keystone or downstream,  this may help anglers return the small white bass to grow up and immedi ...
by Tom Henley over 57 months ago

Eels in the Washita
by bagster over 59 months ago
Eels and lampreys: http://wildlifedepartment.com/fishing/fishid/The%20Eels.pdf http://wildlifedepartment.com/fishing/fishid/Th ...
by FishStick over 59 months ago

power plant lakes spawn questions
by sprinter over 59 months ago
Kurt, do fish spawn sooner in power plant lakes? I was wondering about blues in Sooner to be more specific. I know some species of ...
by sprinter over 59 months ago

Radio Collared Bear
by tporter over 60 months ago
Cool observation.  You might give Wildlife Division a call for this inquiry Wildlife Division - (405) 521-2739 I know that there ...
by JDS over 60 months ago

T-Bird Crappie?
by Big Bass Boss over 61 months ago
Kurt, thought I would check in to see if you had checked out the crappie at T-bird? I don't see people posting much for central ok ...
by Big Bass Boss over 61 months ago

2014 Stocking report / other than black bass
by Tom Henley over 63 months ago
This post was edited 4-11-2015 ODWC 2014 report is posted for non black bass stocking   Thanks ODWC Noteworthy Konawa, Ponca Ci ...
by Tom Henley over 61 months ago

by AllenOK over 62 months ago
Hi Kurt.  I know this probably isn't your field.  Over the past 8 years of fishing, I've noticed that a LOT of beaver dams are pop ...
by AllenOK over 62 months ago

Trophy blue cat questions
by sprinter over 63 months ago
Cody, Kaw is a very productive lake (lots of nutrients to support a huge food web) and produces lots and lots of blue cats.  The r ...
by KukODWC over 63 months ago

Exploratory/Scouting trip
Trout/Bass Trip
by Donavon over 64 months ago
Kurt, drove up to McGee, Illinois River, Robbers Cave to check levels, ramps, and camping. Went up Wednesday the 7th. The front bl ...
by Donavon over 64 months ago

Little Help Please
Solo Fishing Trip
by Donavon over 64 months ago
Great info Kurt. I know a couple of spots on the Blue north of Tishomingo, but what about over toward Milburn, do the trout find t ...
by Donavon over 64 months ago

by striper30 over 64 months ago
Hey Kurt, I drove by overholser yesterday and the lake was frozen over. The lake is very shallow. What affect if any will the ic ...
by striper30 over 64 months ago

Trout stocking irregular and unpredictable
by HybridNinjaAssassin over 64 months ago
Thank you for your time and information, at least we know now that no one is trying to mislead the general public and that it was ...
by HybridNinjaAssassin over 64 months ago

Black bass schools
by Wayne Long over 65 months ago
Wayne, sorry it took me so long to respond (I had some login issues).  I am not sure what water characteristics could be causing t ...
by KukODWC over 64 months ago

Skiatook Forage
2011 vs 2014
by StriperEd over 69 months ago
We cleaned (um...Ed cleaned) a blue cat from Skiatook a couple weeks ago that had nothing but zebra mussels in it's stomach.
by Fish Whisperer over 68 months ago

American Horse Lake
by Big Bass Boss over 69 months ago
BBB, I will defer to our regional crew out of Byron State Fish Hatchery for the specific details...580-474-2663 But I think the ...
by KukODWC over 69 months ago

Pawhuska Trout Stocking
Why stop? The reason is not a good reason, sounds political
by glroologah over 70 months ago
The Perry Lake replaces Lake Pawhuska as one of the Wildlife Department’s six wintertime trout fishing areas. by Ed Godfrey Pub ...
by KukODWC over 69 months ago

Kurt a few questions for you.....
Stocking, Slot limits and over populations
by Bionic02 over 70 months ago
I heard that when ODWC put out gill nets on Skiatook earlier this year, to count/catch shad, you didn't see any in the nets. That ...
by TallManDan over 70 months ago

Threadfin Stockings
by TMJ over 71 months ago
After going through a very cold winter with several prolonged periods of low temps (5-10 day cold snaps), ODWC managers know we wi ...
by KukODWC over 71 months ago

Paddlefish Regulation Changes
by TMax27 over 72 months ago
Jason, great information on this very important fishery.  Thank you for taking time to keep us posted on your future plans.  We ap ...
by falcon over 72 months ago

Northern Pike
by Cash460 over 72 months ago
On Monday May 12, 2014 at 11:14 AM bigjon said ... Many, many years ago Northern Pike were stocked in little Lake Bixoma down by ...
by JDS over 72 months ago

Striped Bass
by Tony_Hughes over 72 months ago
Stripers thrived in Texoma because of the lake's higher salt content and its massive open water. And most importantly, because of ...
by Tom Henley over 72 months ago

Thunderbird Crappie
by Big Bass Boss over 73 months ago
I sent my buddy out there last night and he fished by the emergency overflow on the North side of the dam. He caught a keeper rig ...
by Toothpick over 72 months ago

When will you shock for broodstock?
by Tony_Hughes over 73 months ago
We typically try to get striper females in late April to early May.  By then our hatchery ponds will be ready for hybrids after st ...
by KukODWC over 73 months ago

Canton/Outdoor Okla.
by Senkoboy over 73 months ago
I do not know and did not see the show.  If it was about fishing, I am sure it was filmed last year.  It takes a few months to cut ...
by KukODWC over 73 months ago

Teeny Tiny Crappie
Where did they come from?
by bigjon over 74 months ago
bigjon, my best guess is that those tiny crappie probably came from some other small lake or pond with a stunted population.  I wo ...
by KukODWC over 74 months ago

planting on public lands
by Micneador over 75 months ago
The corps used to allow crops to be planted on corps land around Oologah Lake. Seems there were lease agreements to go with it, an ...
by Ol Slick over 75 months ago

deer mineral in the dirt, really?
pouring mineral supplement on the ground discussion
by nate d over 75 months ago
They have those white bluffs out in Western Kansas, deposits from when it was under the sea, and I've watched bucks get up on the ...
by Ol Slick over 75 months ago

Carcass Tag
by Shawn Watkins over 91 months ago
Hello Everyone and Happy Hunting. i have a small business called Carcass Tag we make custom Reusable Carcass Tags / Field Tags for ...
by Carcass Tag over 75 months ago

25 baitfish limit part deaux
Where does the creek end
by bigjon over 76 months ago
Got an email from fellow Notebooker Nancy Young.  She asked me to post this here.  She got an answer from an official concerning t ...
by AllenOK over 76 months ago

Banded Paddlefish?
by AllenOK over 76 months ago
On Tuesday Jan 14, 2014 at 9:22 PM Fishin said ... You might add what I learned after being gently scolded last year for removin ...
by JDS over 76 months ago

25 nongame baitfish?
by AllenOK over 76 months ago
I've been trapping minnows for personal use in the Arkansas River for a couple years now.  There have been times I'll pull a trap, ...
by AllenOK over 76 months ago

Safety zone below a dam?
Tiny might like this one!
by AllenOK over 76 months ago
Sean, I completely understand what you mean.  However, the regulation didn't state that.  "Manned" floating devices, or a statemen ...
by AllenOK over 76 months ago

2014 Fishing Regulations
by Tony_Hughes over 76 months ago
Harvest trends were based on what I would think an overall picture, snapshot of the fishery averaged - I would think in a limited ...
by Tony_Hughes over 76 months ago

Fish Kills in Salt Fork and Red River
by Tony_Hughes over 76 months ago
Thanks, hope you had a good vacation.
by okiefishman over 76 months ago

Are the Threads on Keystone easy pickings for the Fish and Birds at 40.5 degrees
I thought they died at 43 degrees, maybe just a little more time!
by StriperEd over 77 months ago
I think in relation to not getting a bite while fishing for blues on keystone I'm pretty sure there was a fish kill up there, I've ...
by dgeddings over 76 months ago

Question about Hybrid Bluegill/Bream.
by catchnm over 81 months ago
The mountain fork and glover rivers have monster electric knife fillet size panfish if you get far enough away from the dam to the ...
by 8LB over 80 months ago

Delayed Mortality on Released Summertime Hybrids?
by Tony_Hughes over 81 months ago
Only from anecdotal observation - its my belief that Striped Bass in flowing rivers fare much better overall than do Striper broug ...
by Tony_Hughes over 81 months ago

A question for Barry Bolton perhaps?
by Tony_Hughes over 81 months ago
If the decision were just mine, I would spend that money to rebuild and update the Byron hatchery first, then update the other hat ...
by KukODWC over 81 months ago

Skiatook Summer Doldrums
by TMJ over 81 months ago
Too much boat traffic to fish it during mid summer.
by Dave Clark over 81 months ago

Oologah Hybrids
Hybrid Stockings
by TMJ over 81 months ago
Thanks Kurt!  That makes a lot of sense that the more stable lakes would maintain their populations, such as Birch and Carl Blackw ...
by TMJ over 81 months ago

Hybrid stocking #'s and quotes from message board
by NCat over 82 months ago
Yea Bill knew that, maybe more like legi
by NCat over 82 months ago

Hudson Hybrid Stockings
by TMJ over 82 months ago
I don't know how long they have been sto
by Fishin over 82 months ago

Donations and Matching funds
by chiefangler over 82 months ago
So people interested in helping with str
by chiefangler over 82 months ago

Question about how many hooks in a Sabiki Rig?
by AllenOK over 82 months ago
The general definitions regarding hook a
by JDS over 82 months ago

Trout Stocking schedule for 2013 - 2014 LIR?
by tporter over 82 months ago
they stocked tuesday. 7/9/13
by birdsinhere2 over 82 months ago

Monitoring HABS in Red River Watershed
by Tony_Hughes over 82 months ago
From what I read GA now sporulates and c
by Tony_Hughes over 82 months ago

by Agitated88 over 83 months ago
Ya'll have convinced me to give the "Lil
by Agitated88 over 83 months ago

Kuk - hybrid production?
by Tony_Hughes over 83 months ago
Well Danny I guess they need a hit count
by Tony_Hughes over 83 months ago

Flathead non game
by chiefangler over 84 months ago
Thanks for the history. I have been curi
by chiefangler over 84 months ago

Does COE control lake levels for fishing benefit?
by TallManDan over 84 months ago
Grand is a little different than USACE r
by KukODWC over 84 months ago

White bass eggs
by wesb over 84 months ago
Hey wesb, not to hi-jack the thread...bu
by cbhopper28 over 84 months ago

Striper procurement at Zink? 2013
by Tony_Hughes over 85 months ago
Mainly good drum/shellcrackers(redear) b
by Tony_Hughes over 85 months ago

Why catch and release on Fridays and Mondays of Sp
by Dave Clark over 86 months ago
quote: Yes. Last spring, we did a pilot study on fish movements after being snagged and released. This spring, we are doing the ...
by eric over 85 months ago

by Smitty81rc over 85 months ago
I think that it is important that angler
by fishhab1 over 85 months ago

Bluff landing closing leaked
by Piercenthaman over 85 months ago
That was me on the ridge. I was just bir
by BassSER over 85 months ago

fish stocking in OK river
by Okie21 over 85 months ago
thank you everyone for the info. i think
by Okie21 over 85 months ago

Overhosler Dam
by JustFishing82 over 86 months ago
Kurt,the water in front of the bridge I
by JustFishing82 over 85 months ago

Lake Record Question
by crosswinds over 86 months ago
The decision is pretty much left to the
by KukODWC over 86 months ago

Pond Crappie management
by birdsinhere2 over 86 months ago
Sure sounds like it[:D]
by birdsinhere2 over 86 months ago

Hey Kurt quick question
by Bionic02 over 86 months ago
Thank you Kurt!
by Bionic02 over 86 months ago

Split Bottom Lip on Bass
by Pops over 86 months ago
You see a lot of that in Lake Fork Bass
by Tony_Hughes over 86 months ago

Paddlefish Reg question
by Gar Whisper over 92 months ago
WOW! I thought I had done something ext
by Fishin over 86 months ago

Canton Lake
by Tony_Hughes over 86 months ago
Tony, plenty of options have been presen
by KukODWC over 86 months ago

Skiatook Hybrids
by chiefangler over 87 months ago
That size fish is probably 2-3 years old
by KukODWC over 87 months ago

Grand Lake shad
by Dave Clark over 87 months ago
quote: Originally posted by KukODWC Dave, I know those striper guides and others from AR who get OK shad will be impacted by the ...
by Tony_Hughes over 87 months ago

Mercury in Wister
by jleflore over 87 months ago
Thanks Kurt, that is the news I wanted.
by jleflore over 87 months ago

Spavinaw walleye
by chiefangler over 88 months ago
Thanks guys! I think I'm going to give
by DoubleDeltaOK over 88 months ago

Lake Hefner
by Pops over 88 months ago
I think Overholser is too, but maybe the
by KukODWC over 88 months ago

Arkansas River Striped Bass Stocking
by Tony_Hughes over 115 months ago
Kurt, you guys got some stripers stocke
by NCat over 89 months ago

want and waste
by NCat over 89 months ago
Yes that has been changed. Landowners ar
by wesb over 89 months ago

Upper Illinois River Lamprey?
by DoubleDeltaOK over 89 months ago
Lampreys are native to Oklahoma waters.
by Tony_Hughes over 89 months ago

Who owns the rivers
by glroologah over 90 months ago
Only met him a few times and chatted wit
by JWBROWN over 90 months ago

Sooner Hybrid Limit?
by okiefishman over 91 months ago
Spavinaw has walleye...Also, Shell Lake
by DoubleDeltaOK over 90 months ago

Eufala Greentree
by Micneador over 91 months ago
I spoke with the biologist at Eufaula an
by KukODWC over 90 months ago

Limits on crappie - Grand River chain
by fishdude over 91 months ago
I'm not gonna deny that the lake temps a
by fishdude over 91 months ago

Spoonbill Bowfishing
by Micneador over 94 months ago
Agree that it's not the best eating fish
by falcon over 91 months ago

Hey Kuk...
by Vlaude over 92 months ago
Langston is not producing any hybrids. T
by Cash460 over 91 months ago

Blackpowder question
by badfish77 over 92 months ago
Non violent felons can get a pardon if t
by beans over 92 months ago

Yellow Perch in OK?
by AllenOK over 92 months ago
Yellow perch were stocked in the mid 190
by KukODWC over 92 months ago

Stripers in Kaw???
by AllenOK over 93 months ago
Tell all your Kansas buddies to be on th
by Biologist Bill over 92 months ago

Zebra Mussels?
by Tony_Hughes over 94 months ago
I have not heard of this product, but ha
by Biologist Bill over 92 months ago

Supplemental stocking of Largemouth Bass
by Tony_Hughes over 92 months ago
That's great news Tony! 16 inches is fa
by Biologist Bill over 92 months ago

Hybrid stocking shortage
by dhopper7 over 92 months ago
quote: Originally posted by Biologist Bill Hybird production was down this year. Only the higher ranked lakes were stocked. In m ...
by Tony_Hughes over 92 months ago

Central OK Hybrids
by dhopper7 over 93 months ago
ya-ODWC stocked 'em, we just showed up f
by NCat over 92 months ago

White Perch in the Arkansas...
by AllenOK over 93 months ago
Thanks Allen. We know they are present
by KukODWC over 93 months ago

Baby Turkeys
by grizlyadams over 93 months ago
Our Turkey population has been low for t
by grizlyadams over 93 months ago

The Skiatook Fishery
by okiefishman over 120 months ago
We tend to say what ODWC thinkin' a few
by NCat over 93 months ago

2012 fish stocking
by head4fish over 94 months ago
The official 2012 stocking list has not
by KukODWC over 94 months ago

Taft Lake
by Smitty81rc over 95 months ago
Thanks for the link Kurt.
by Smitty81rc over 95 months ago

Netting Perch
by Danny.Williams over 95 months ago
About the fourth paragraph down under Ge
by Tony_Hughes over 95 months ago

Skiatook baby hybrid die off
by 8LB over 96 months ago
I am pretty sure that we have not yet st
by KukODWC over 96 months ago

Thanks ODWC!
by DoubleDeltaOK over 96 months ago
Good pics, great memories!
by CalOkie over 96 months ago

Thunderbird Crappie
by Big Bass Boss over 97 months ago
Didn't know about the sailboat club, don
by Big Bass Boss over 96 months ago

Artificial PVC Structure question
by Bionic02 over 97 months ago
Thank you sir for the info.
by Bionic02 over 97 months ago

Pond Stocking
by Firemedic716 over 97 months ago
Thank you Sir!
by Firemedic716 over 97 months ago

by AllenOK over 97 months ago
I posted a video of a "beaver" dam in th
by AllenOK over 97 months ago

by dgeddings over 97 months ago
I think the plan right now is to get bel
by KukODWC over 97 months ago

Crappie affect on bass
by Danny.Williams over 98 months ago
Good read and food info fellas! Thank yo
by Bionic02 over 97 months ago

Bowfishing Guthrie
by okfisher96 over 98 months ago
Thanks Kurt. Called and found out it is
by okfisher96 over 98 months ago
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